It is our first full week back after a national closure that lasted 1 month and a half! Through all of this, there has been a huge lesson for us. No matter how many times we need to close this preschool, by God grace, we keep opening back up! You are a huge part of this. It feels fantastic that we have a support system of individuals all over the world wrapping their caring arms around this place and the children that attend here!

We are focusing our attention for the next few months on filling up our scholarship fund through the end of July 2021.  More than ever, the local Jewish and Arab families that attend our preschool need these scholarships to keep their children enrolled. Many families have been put on unemployment of lost job positions during the COVID pandemic. We want to support these families in the best way that we know how and that is by taking care of their children!

Each scholarship is between 100-200 USD per child each month! Our goal is to provide 33 scholarships each month from March – July! That adds up to around 25,000 USD and it means the world to these families!

If you would like to be a part of providing scholarships for these children follow the link below!