The Nest

Key elements of our infant's environment:

  • A warm and soothing environment that provides the security for each child to be themselves
  • Freedom of movement to explore and develop the child's motor skills (turning, sitting, crawling)
  • Sensory experiences that provides visual stimulation and opportunity to develop grasping skills

Little Hearts Preschool: The Nest - program for 3 months to 1 year

A day in the life of our infants:

  • Cuddles and snuggles
  • Sensory and motor stimulation
  • Social interaction
  • Tummy time
  • Music
  • Outdoor time
  • Feeding and napping on a personalized schedule

The Tree House

Key elements of our young toddler's environment:

  • Strengthening gross motor skills through climbing, walking, balance and jumping activities
  • Supporting the development of practical life skills (eating and dressing)
  • Encouraging verbal expression
  • A trusting atmosphere that allows children to explore materials that corresponds to their developmental needs

A day in the life of our young toddlers:

  • Expressing themselves through singing and dancing
  • Climbing and playing on the ramp
  • Working with hands-on, interactive materials
  • Bible stories
  • Outdoor free play
  • Eating at a child-size table
  • Napping

Majdolin: Co-Guide
Majdolin: Co-Guide

The Bee Hive

Key elements of our toddler's classroom environment:

  • A daily routine of practical life activities teaching children to care for themselves and the classroom environment
  • Emphasis on developing verbal communication and building multilingual language skills
  • Time to practice fine motor skills through varied activities that emphasize eye-hand coordination

A day in the life of our toddlers:

  • Learning and exploring materials on their own
  • Using language to express their need and learning to listen to understand others
  • Taking care of their environment by cleaning up after themselves
  • Look after plants and the outdoor garden
  • Engaging in art, music and singing
  • Bible story time
  • Involvement in each aspect of food preparation (cutting and peeling fruit setting the table and clearing the table)
  • Outdoor free play
  • Weekly baking
  • Kabbalat shabbat
  • Nap time

Kesia: Co-Guide
Kesia: Co-Guide

Ruba: Co-Guide
Ruba: Co-Guide

Shamiran: Co-Guide
Shamiran: Co-Guide

Silia: Co-Guide
Silia: Co-Guide

The Children's House

Key elements of our preschooler's environment:

  • Practical life activities to develop confidence, concentration and independance
  • Sensory materials that refine each of the child's senses
  • Language development throughout the curriculum using hands-on and tactile materials to build the foundation for writing and reading
  • An emphasis on culture and geography that allows the child to follow their natural drive to learn about the world
  • Hands-on learning to build mathematical skills from concrete to abstract concepts
  • An interactive and rich environment that encourages the development of social skills (table manners, greetings, courtesy of others)

A day in the life of our pre-preschoolers:

  • Moving freely within a structured environment, selecting work that captures the child's interest
  • Learning at their own pace through on-on-one lessons and uninterrupted working cycles
  • Peer learning and stimulation in a multi-age group
  • Cutting and preparing fruit for a healthy snack when hungry and setting the table for lunch
  • Artistic exploration through drawing, painting, crafts and music class
  • Taking care of the environment by cleaning up and looking after plants and the outdoor garden
  • Bible story time
  • Weekly baking
  • Kabbalat shabbat
  • Outdoor free play

Ofra: Co-Guide
Ofra: Co-Guide

Annie: Co-Guide
Annie: Co-Guide

Amal: Assistant
Amal: Assistant

Summer Camp

First two weeks of July

The Little Hearts Preschool Summer Camp in Jerusalem.

You are invited to Little hearts summer camp held each year for our students, their sibling and any child who wants to join! We have two fun filled weeks planned full of running, playing and laughing to keep everyone enjoying the summer. Our teachers organize each day around activities such as:

  • Water games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Baking
  • Free play out doors and inside
  • Story time
  • Gardening
  • And of course, making new friends!

The children look forward to Summer Camp at the end of each school year as we change up the pace, get out the kiddie pools and  have some fun in the Jerusalem sun!  Please contact us for pricing and enrollment.

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