It has been pretty hard not to notice that things in Jerusalem got very tense over the last couple of weeks. This conflict was not only between governments but also on a very personal level, between neighbours. It has been heart-breaking. As you know, Little hearts is located in the heart of Jerusalem with families spanning the different cultural divides here in Israel. And this is on purpose! Our mission at Little Hearts has been to be a safe place for local Jewish and Arab families to be together and build relationships despite the ever present tensions outside our walls!

These past few weeks really highlighted for me the importance of what Little Hearts is doing more than ever! We had teachers worried for their safety walking to school. Others on staff had a rocket land about a kilometer from their home. And yet, we all came to work and gave each other hugs. I could be more proud of the staff of this preschool rising above their own fears and being there for eachother and the families in the preschool.  

There is no doubt that among our families exists a huge range of perspectives, feelings and beliefs, but at Little Hearts we value every family and each child and their presence in our “family” More than ever, we seek to be a place of refuge, a secret garden, blossoming with with children’s laughter no matter what is going on around us! 

If you would like to be part of making it possible for our local families to attend the preschool, please join our “Big Hearts for Little Hearts” monthly giving program that supports our scholarship fund! If you can’t give monthly, every single donation at any amount goes toward a child being able to join our community.  And I personally believe that offering these children a different way of doing things is the absolute best way we can serve them and their families! 

We are so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to work together, here in the heart of Jerusalem!