The Bee Hive

Age range 18 m – 3 years

Key elements of our toddler’s classroom environment:

  • A daily routine of practical life activities teaching children to care for themselves and the classroom environment
  • Emphasis on developing verbal communication and building multilingual language skills
  • Time to practice fine motor skills through varied activities that emphasize eye-hand coordination
  • Development of verbal communication

A day in the life of our toddlers:

  • Learning and exploring materials on their own
  • Using language to express their need and learning to listen to understand others
  • Taking care of their environment by cleaning up after themselves
  • Look after plants and the outdoor garden
  • Engaging in art, music and singing
  • Bible story time
  • Involvement in each aspect of food preparation (cutting and peeling fruit setting the table and clearing the table)
  • Outdoor free play
  • Weekly baking
  • Kabbalat shabbat
  • Nap time
    Silia: Head Guide
    Mayaan: Assistant Guide

    Shameran: Assistant Guide
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