The Children’s House

Age Range 3 – 6 years

Key elements of our preschooler’s environment:

  • Practical life activities to develop confidence, concentration and independance
  • Sensory materials that refine each of the child’s senses
  • Language development throughout the curriculum using hands-on and tactile materials to build the foundation for writing and reading
  • An emphasis on culture and geography that allows the child to follow their natural drive to learn about the world
  • Hands-on learning to build mathematical skills from concrete to abstract concepts
  • An interactive and rich environment that encourages the development of social skills (table manners, greetings, courtesy of others)

A day in the life of our pre-preschoolers:

  • Moving freely within a structured environment, selecting work that captures the child’s interest
  • Learning at their own pace through on-on-one lessons and uninterrupted working cycles
  • Peer learning and stimulation in a multi-age group
  • Cutting and preparing fruit for a healthy snack when hungry and setting the table for lunch
  • Artistic exploration through drawing, painting, crafts and music class
  • Taking care of the environment by cleaning up and looking after plants and the outdoor garden
  • Bible story time
  • Weekly baking
  • Kabbalat shabbat
  • Outdoor fee play
Batya: Co-Guide
Annie: Co-Guide
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